Gales, Peace and Kite Surfers

The wind was howling from the East, cold wind that made the boat stays sing. I found one of the mooring ropes snapped, it had been at a weak point.There were still 3 more warps attached and a loose chain, but it showed that Sadaf was still getting a battering at the end of April! The tide had been low barely lifting her off the sands. I spent some time fixing the warps making them as one so to add strength to the whole. I went for a walk beside the harbour and sat on the sand out of the wind. Another climate was there, warm sunshine, birds diving and singing, the lapping of the waves that were blown in by the gale, i closed my eyes and rested. Cycling home the ebbing tide was full of white-tops, wind-with-tide…just wait until it was wind-against-tide then it would be a mass of white-horses and crashing waves. I noticed a kite in the distance and nearing I saw kite-surfers bounding over the surf, it was the first time I had seen it close up, good fun!