In Coming Tide

They say the Solway Estuary has the 3rd fastest tidal flow in the UK. It is quite a boast, but when the tide is at its highest it can be quite something to see, especially with the Solway Bore.

A less modest, but also impressive experience is to stand in the flood tide and feel its power and force. The local Haaf Netters have done this for centuries, and can tell more stories about its power than I can, but I produced this video to show its force.


2 thoughts on “In Coming Tide

  1. Happy belated fiftieth, Kevin! And congrats . Feeling down but got right back up. Good attitude and looks like you fit right in there. I’d love to see your region some day, Lord willing.

    Take care,


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    • The sea is a wonderful way to lift up your spirits Joe, or water of any kind, just being by it can be theraputic. Great to hear from you, and thinking of sailing together one day.


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