Harbor and Birds (Day 2)

The day started with a plan: i was to paddle passed Bowness and the viaduct and head out into the main estuary as far as could go and come back with the last of the flood tide, but I am pleased to say, nature has other plans and the laws of nature is the only real law there is.

I used the back-eddy to creep up-tide, hugging the bank. I made it as far as Bowness, and then i had to head into the main tidal channel to by-pass a sewage pipe. i could see the tide rushing over it and i tried to paddle past it, but i could not, i was keeping abreast of it, but i was standing still; so i stopped paddling and floated with the tide back to Port Carlisle.

i reached the harbor wall and i began to take videos of the migrating birds that were resting on the harbor.

I later paddled over to where the remains of the canal use to be. Seeing it from the water side gave a different perspective to the lock gates.

Later, I paddled to Grune Point and beyond to come back with the ebbing tide.

After drying out and securing the boat for the night I made some food and practised my Pennie Whistle again, this time 2 different tunes:


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