This blog is about me sailing on the Solway estuary on my Hurley Felicity. Also there is a page about kayaking.

My Felicity is a 1964 6m/20ft fibreglass cabined boat. She has 3 keels, one at the stern just after the rudder, 2 in the centre, and between these a weighted ballast. The keels are short and it could be one of the reasons why there were not too many Hurleys built, they were replaced by the Hurley 20. Inside there is room enough to sleep 4, a cooking area and kneeling height.

When I bought her she was not ready for sailing, and slowly I have tried to make her sea worthy. There is a video of my “1st sail” and others besides, and recently I gotten a lot of help from Jerry Evens who has kindly helped me with all sorts of parts and advice, and the people of the village who has kept an eye on her over the years I have had her.

The Solway estuary is situated between Scotland and England on the West side of the country, it has a fast tide race (some say the 3rd fastest in the UK) and I bought “Sadaf” (a Persian word meaning a Sea shell), although I had never sailed before, with the intention to learn to sail; and it has been a safe boat to do it in.

These blogs are a record of the estuary and my attempts to sail on it. I am the only sail boat on the estuary so far, which probably says a lot! But it is an amazing sea, more like a racing river than a sea, and with its murky waters and changing sand banks it can be a dangerous sea too.


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