Kayaking Videos

Besides sailing I am including kayak videos and blogs on this site. I have been kayaking longer than sailing, and it was the love of kayaking that led me into sailing. I wanted simply to say on the sea longer, instead of manhandling my belongings over the endless sands, I could simply crawl into the cabin and experience more of the sea.

I kayak 2 types: the first was a H&H hard shell kayak, 21ft long “Capella”. I have sailed off the Scottish Coast and on the Solway.
The 2nd kayak is an inflatable Gumotex “Safari” whitewater kayak. It has drain holes so the water passes through the hull, and I can fit it into a rucksack. I have taken it to Sweden several times and experimented adding a small sail to it.
I have fitted a crab-claw rig to both of the kayaks with varying results.

H&H “Capella” Kayak

Rainy Day on the Solway
Capella Sea Kayak
Sail on a Sea kayak
Sea kayaking Kirkudbright Scotland
Sea Kayaking in Western Scotland

Gumotex “Safari” Kayak
Safari’s 1st sail
Safari’s 1st trial
Safari’s 2nd trail
Safari’s Crab Claw rigg
On the Solway Firth
Gumotex Safari Kayak
Kayaking in Sweden
Kayaking in Sweden
Kayaking in Sweden

Canoing in Florida
Juniper River, Florida


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