More Enjoyable

After writing so much about designing a new rig for the main and the genoa/jib, it is about time I described how they perform. In short very well indeed, I went out over a 4 day period with 2 tides per day and sailed in the morning and evening tides. There were winds from the east and south west and in general moderate winds with occasional Force 4-6, but a steady Force 2-4. I played safe and reefed even when there was little chance of a blow, but for the first time it was wise I did not want the rig to break when I was out there. The rig held well, performed well and I felt I could relax, enjoy it more and not worry about tipping over.
I made some adjustments but basically it was good sailing, she handled well in choppy seas where the channel is narrow and the wind is blowing hard against an ebbing tide, deep troughs were passing underneath her hull and as she was more upright than before she took them better and I did not have to worry too much about those troughs coming into the cockpit. I could turn in these troughs and head back to shore on a broad reach without the rush of speed, which is fine but if one cannot see the bottom it is quite a worry if we are going to scrape the bottom and damage the keels.

Sadaf dried out on the sands.

Lack of speed could be a disadvantage if one is after a racing experience, she moves slower, or perhaps seems that way as before she was heeled over most of the time it was difficult to tell whether she was going fast or slow. But now with her upright hull she moves against tide as well as with it, I can point more into the wind and this makes me sail more in the direction I want too. With less sail up I am surprised how she sails with slight winds. The hardest blow I had she performed well, heeling slightly and responsive when I let out the mainsail. I cleat the jib and as it is self tacking I sail off it. I reef before I sail and have had no need to reef another time.

In total I enjoy it more, I relax more and I worry less. So it is not a bad thing really is it? when I think of it with all the worry, planing and construction i am pleased that it has worked so well. Now maybe I can get some serious sailing done!

All halyards, kicking straps and sheets fed back through the mast